CHEMIOLA’s corporate strategy prioritizes environmental issues and engages in extensive activities to create a sustainable environment and society.
Our initiatives show the highest commitment to environmental management. We are stepping forward to lead the change.

The СHEMIOLA factory is located on the shore of the Marmara Sea in Turkey. As conscious residents, our mission is to protect the environment and climate of the Mediterranean Basin.

To maintain our home — planet Earth — our company makes a conscious effort to avoid negative environmental impacts such as global warming, carbon dioxide footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the release of excess CO2, recycling production materials and maintaining constant respect and awareness for the environment that surrounds us. There is NO planet B!

For example, CHEMIOLA uses recycled material in our copper sulphate production. We use only high-quality Сu scrap in our process that excludes smelting and therefore dramatically reduces the carbon dioxide footprint of our facility. Pure scrap is immediately dissolved in the reactor and causes no damage to the atmosphere.

Additionally, we have state of the art air scrubbers installed in our filtration system to capture excess CO2 emissions.

CHEMIOLA is a responsible entity of the business community and world society at large. We not only emphasize sustainability in our manufacturing processes, we also encourage global awareness of these values by supporting sailing regattas, one of the most environmentally friendly sports. We hope to inspire others to be more environmentally conscious, and together, we can make planet earth a safer and better place for all.

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