Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate


  • Certificates of Analysis indicate results drawn using sophisticated analytical instrumentation in accordance with FAMI-QS and ISO 9001-2000 standards.
  • Product Safety is ensured at all stages from shipment ex-works to arrival at the destination, including warehousing and trans-shipment.
Chemical Composition
Exceptionally stable
strict incoming raw material control
Physical Properities
Low moisture (below 0,2%)
very consistent due to objective technological factors
Prevention of Contamination
Very consistent due to objective technological factors
no wastes  used, natural gas is the only heating agent in drying, no dioxins / excessive heavy metals
Safety and Conformity
Fully compliant with International Standards
Quality Management SystemEU regulations: FAMI-QS, REACH
Specification, High Purity (HP) grades (technical and feed)
Cu, %
CuSO4 · 5H2O,% min
As, % max
Ni, % max
Pb, % max
Cd, % max
Dioxins and dioxins like PCBs
1,5 ng/kg max
* – Feed High Purity grade: with anticaking agent 0,5% – 3,0% as per clients order, Fraction less 0,8 mm
25 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg, 1250 kg (UN approved PP/PE big bags or 25 kg PP/PE bags on pallets)