Iron Sulphate Mono & Heptahydrate FeSO4·H2O

HS code / Customs: 2833298000

Fe, % typical 30,000 Fe, % min 30,000
As, ppm (mg/kg) typical <0,500 As, ppm (mg/kg) max 20.000
Pb, ppm (mg/kg) typical <0,500 Pb, ppm (mg/kg) max 20.000
Cd, ppm (mg/kg) typical <0,500 Fe, % max 5.000
Hg, ppm (mg/kg) typical <0,020 Hg, ppm (mg/kg) typical 1.000
Dioxins, ng/kg typical 0.000 Dioxins + PCB, ng/kg max 1.500
Moisture, % typical 1,000 Moisture, % max 5.000

* Specification of Iron Sulphate Heptahydrate is available upon request


Light grey free-flowing crystals


1000 kg net PE/PP big bags


SUMYKHIMPROM, J.S.C. (est. 1953), Sumy, Ukraine


Grey free-flowing granules


Fe 30 - 31% typical; low impurities


• Animal Feed Mineral Additive (Fe2+ for hemoglobin)

• Cement Industry in EU reducing agent for cancerogenic Cr (VI)

• Water Treatment (FeSo4 · 7H2O also available upon request)

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