Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate CuSO4ยท5H2O

·    Copper Sulphate is a natural by-product of copper mining and refining. The copper deposits of UMMC Group solely determine its chemical compostion.

·    Certificates of Analysis indicate results drawn using sophisticated analytical instrumentation in accordance with FAMI-QS and ISO 9001-2000 standards.

·    Product Safety is ensured at all stages from shipment ex-works to arrival at the destination, including warehousing and trans-shipment.



Exceptionally stable

all copper ore mined in own deposits


Low moisture (below 0,2%)

very consistent due to obiective technological factors


Very consistent due to obiective technological factors

no wastes or foreign raw materials used

natural gas is the only heating agent in drying

no dioxins / excessive heavy metals in decades


Fully compliant with International Standards

Quality Management System

EU regulations: FAMI-QS, REACh

Cu, % min 25,00
CuSO4 · 5H2O,% min 98,00
Free H2O, % max 0,20
H2O-insoluble tech/feed *, % max < 0,05/1,00
H2SO4 , % max 0,25
Fe tech/feed UE/high purity, % max 0,02/0,04/0,02
As tech/feed EU/high purity, mg/kg max 100,00/50,00/20,00
Pb tech/feed EU/high purity, mg/kg max 100,00/100,00/20,00
Cd, mg/kg max 10,00
Hg, mg/kg max 1,00
Dioxins, ng/kg max dioxin-free
* - Free-flowing, feed-grade, anticaked dioxin-free FAMI-QS certified, EU animal feed law compliant.
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